Anna Daniels, RD

Please note I am not currently taking on any clients at present as I am on maternity leave until December 2017. Please do stay in touch if you would like to book in a dietetic appointment in early 2018. Or please contact to see if there is another registered dietitian who can assist with your enquiry. 

The Honest Nutrition approach is not about fad diets or avoiding food groups. It is a balanced holistic approach which takes into account your lifestyle and current eating regimes. Setting goals and tailoring a nutrition plan around your lifestyle, a long term dietary approach that aims to help you to achieve your dietary goals for life. 

Anna can work on an individual level, or across a whole team providing education on the basics of healthy eating and so much more. 


  • Clinics run Saturday mornings in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

  • Private Nutrition consultations, £120 initial consultation, £80 follow up. 

  • Weight Loss counselling packages* 

  • Corporate education & wellness packages* 

  • Media

*Price upon application

Please note there is a cancellation fee of 50% if the consultation is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice period