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Women more often than not worry about their size, shape and appearance. Social media is still on the rise and many sites such as Tumbler and Instagram offer up image after image of young women and heavily muscly men, many figures unattainable and heavily airbrushed.

A recent review of literature revealed that social media can impact poorly on young people, with the studies identifying that the health impact was greatest on mental health particularly in self-esteem and well-being. Click here to read more. 

Patients regularly ask me what is their 'ideal' weight. To which I always try to ensure they don't focus on what is their ideal weight and instead focus on eating a balanced and healthy diet and a 'healthy' and 'ideal' weight for them will follow. 

A few years back in Australia the Triumph underwear brand tried to change the names women's bodies were referred to. Instead of 'hourglass' or 'apple' and 'pear' it set out to categorise women as famous painters. I really liked what it was promoting as they focused on every women's shape being celebrated.

The Shape Report, commissioned by Triumph Underwear Manufacturers, surveyed 1500 people in Australia and New Zealand about women’s body shapes. The study showed that 79% of men surveyed were happy with their partner’s body, but only 30% of women were as content.

Watch the video here  

Whatever shape you are - try to focus on your individual beauty and not your flaws! 

Triumph body shapes

Triumph body shapes

What Shape are you?