Anna Daniels, RD

PRESS  | AWARDED British Dietetic Media Spokesperson of the Year 2017 Anna Daniels, has been featured in articles, magazines, and interviews including Radio and Television. Below are a snapshot of some of the media outlets Anna has been featured in.




Daily Mail 06.04.17 Trendy juice-only crash diets are ruining women's health

Boots Web MD 7.03.17 cholesterol management of health care; Health benefits of oats

The Telegraph 04.08.16 Superfoods debunked - and their cheaper and more effective alternatives revealed

The Telegraph Food 31.05.16 Should you really eat fat to stay slim? The new food rules explained

The Telegraph 08.04.16 Don't scoff at the gluten free brigade, 'coeliac lite' could be a real thing

The Mirror 23.03.16 The changing face of Britain's fry ups

The Independent 16.03.16 Weight loss and health; 4 tips more useful than "move more"

The Sunday Times 06.03.16  Looking for the white stuff (milk)

Daily Mail 22.03.16 Why giving up BREAD is half baked

Prima Magazine 04.04.16 Are 'Superfoods' really that good for you?

BBC Food Truth or Scare 26.02.16 Episode 5

Stylist Magazine 27.05.15 Headaches, bloating, insomnia? Which foods to eat to combat these five common ailments

Prima Magazine 20.02.16 Seriously, now Fruit is bad for us?

Daily Mail 23.02.16 Health gadgets just got madder, be do any of them actually work?

International Business Times 23.01.16 Dairy is in decline is coconut yoghurt the way forward?

Channel Four Supershoppers 01.02.16 Episode 1

The Daily Mail 13.01.16 Mum's who put their babies on diets 

Buzzfeed 16.01.16 Veganism! It’s good for the planet, and it’s good for animals. 

Buzzfeed 21.01.16 Here's How to Eat Your Way Through A Hangover

BBC World 01.03.15 Why advice changes so much on what to eat

The Guardian 02.11.15 Ripe and Ready: How 'evil geniuses' got us hooked on avocados 

Daily Mail 15.12.15  Could a clean Eating Christmas Dinner make you fat?

Daily Mail 22.12.15 How Nigella's kitchen mittens could trigger rubber allergy 

Daily Mail 28.12.15 New Years Eve drinks that won't completely undo your good intentions

Shortlist Magazine 27.06.15 Canning the Sugar 

Huffington Post 17.07.15 Hidden Health Dangers of Kale

Daily Mail 02.08.15 Women who turn their breast milk into jewellery

Daily Mail 20.08.15 Revealed what makes the PM's Pringles so highly addictive

Metro 30.09.15 Why you should be eating your Banana peel 

Buzzfeed 06.10.15 I gave up sugar for two months and heres what happened 

Daily Mail 02.10.15 Would you try Hugh's crispy fish skeletons?

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 26.10.15  The growing trend in gluten free and is it healthy?

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 07.01.15  Is Black Pudding really the new Superfood?

International Business Times 09.01.15 Black Pudding: Is it really a Superfood?