Anna Daniels, RD

Science based Nutrition. 

Anna is an award winning dietitian, currently working in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Anna started studying Food Science and Nutrition back in 2003 as she had always had an interest in food and loved to cook. Although less at home in a white lab coat analysing the science of food and much more intrigued by the nutrition of foods, what impact they have on our wellbeing and the creation of healthy recipes. Anna studied wine and marketing, with her thesis being on wine maturation. After graduating in 2006 spending some time working in the food and wine industry, travelling around Australia working at food events such as Taste and The Good Food & Wine Show. 

Anna's interest and enthiusiasum for food and cooking grew and she started seeing clients privately, coaching them with ways to improve their nutrition and gain confidence. It was then she decided to pursue a career as a dietitian, the gold standard of nutrition. 

Anna's philosophy is all about balance and intelligent eating. No one need diet, nor deprive themselves. 

Anna is a keen cook and has been giving her clients healthy recipes over the years. Here you can buy 30 of her recipes for your kindle titled 'The Little Green bed' each of the recipes is easy to cook, with these meals all being based on green veggies... simple, healthy and we hope you find delicious to! 

Anna has a holistic approach to health, with all of her advice being specifically tailored to each individual, enabling them to achieve optimum health and with that promoting longevity, health and most importantly happiness.

Anna is a Registered Dietitian working in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. With experience Obesity, Eating Disorders, IBS and Diabetes. 

Anna is a member of the The British Dietetic Association and media spokesperson for the BDA.